The ever present struggle with meaning

I started my journey a long time ago with the basic thought that life is so sad if there is nothing more to this world after we die. Regardless of the beauty and the fun and the pleasure (just focusing in on the good parts of life) … it is all worthless if we experience it for 40-80 years and then pass off into oblivion. Read Ecclesiastes sometime and you will see that Solomon struggled with this thought pattern constantly as well.

I was an atheist for a good portion of my life and then I became an open minded skeptic later in life. I must admit that even after finally becoming a Christian the doubts and the questions keep coming. I read a fabulous book called The Case for Faith and in that book one of the experts mentions that this questioning of our beliefs and the number of “what-if” scenarios really help to strengthen our faith. The bottom line is that don’t be discouraged if you still have tons of questions and the whole world does not make perfect sense even after becoming a Christian. It is important to continue to question and seek answers.

I also want to remind everyone that the Christian faith is not a blind faith – or a lack of evidence or lack of reasoning faith. The Christian faith is based on examining the evidence:

1. Creation of our universe

2. Finely tuned constants that allow the formation of galaxies and solar systems (no big crunch or runaway expansion)

3. Finely tuned variables that make Earth special and with the ability to support life

4. Lack of any testable/repeatable/rational explanation for the beginning of life on earth – creating the first replicating life form

5.Difference in the Hebrew’s one and only God compared to all of the other world religions with many little gods

6. Historical and archaeological accuracy of the Old Testament

7. New Testament – the gospels being written within the lifetime of the people that knew Jesus and more importantly – no refuting works were written during this time to say ‘hey all that stuff you are saying about Jesus is wrong’

8. the fact that even without the New Testament – you can take all of the early church letters – before 300AD even and reconstruct the entire new testament – it was quoted that much


The above are just some of the foundations and there are many many more – but don’t ever feel that you have a blind faith!

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