Dawkins Delusion

David Berlinkski’s book The Devil’s Delusion goes far beyond simply rendering Dawkin’s God Delusion meaningless. Berlinski, as an agnostic, shows that science has not proven religion wrong or that there is any God gene that simple minded people posess that do believe in a greater being. Berlinski reaches back into history and wields the sword of 13th century Thomas Aquinas to shed light on the ever present question of why are we here. I love chapter 8 and the author’s wit as to why religion has popped up in every civilization since recorded history – we reach the conclusion that we are different By Just Looking Around. I thought that was brilliant. The author does not deny that we have relationships to the animal kingdom but the differences, the many many differences, are quite profound.

Alister McGrath has also written a more directed book called The Dawkins Delusion that really destroys any credibility that Dawkins would have left. Michael Ruse writes “The God Delusion makes me embarrassed to be an atheist and the McGraths show why”.

Francis Collions, director of the Human Genome Project writes:

“Addresing the conclusions of The God Delusion point by point with the devastating insight of a molecular biologist turned theologian, Alister McGrath dismantles the argument that science should lead to atheism, and demonstrates instead that Dawkins has abandoned his much cherished rationality to embrace an embittered manifesto of dogmatic atheist fundamentalism.”

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