Some of the Greats

CS Lewis : Mere Christianity should be on top of everyone’s reading list. Even a non-believer should read this book to understand the thought process that goes into becoming a Christian

Ravi Zacharias : Simply one of the best apologists out there – a man born into a Hindu culture that accepted Christ on a bed of suicide

John Lennox : One of my heros of the faith – he has gone toe to toe vs. Dawkins and come out looking more professional, mature and credible

Alister McGrath: A true scholar and defender of the faith

N.T.Wright : Powerful apologist

Interestingly enough, John, Alister and N.T. all hail from the UK.

I would also like to point out the Bible Answer Man here in the USA as a great resource. I find that I disagree with some material but it is nourishment for the soul nonetheless.

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